What can custom tailoring offer me that a retail store can't ?


Your "MADE-TO-MEASURE" suit, shirt, blouse, trousers, skirt or costume all give you that very special feeling of uniquely fit. Your made-to-measure clothes, in standard or special sizes and proportions, underline unique personality. They fit and sit like a second skin.  Relaxation while looking great and elegance with comfort and distinction.


A retail store carries a standard inventory and that's all then can offer you, whenever you buy a suit from a retail outlet, you are always buying "OFF THE RACK" and that appeals to the mass market.

At President Tailor, you will be actually wearing a suit that not only fits you but strongly volumes out your uniqueness. Best of all, you have the upper hand of choosing the fabrics and styles of your preferences


Does each customer get his own personalized pattern?


Absolutely! A precise paper pattern is prepared based on your personal measurements and requirements, which is then saved with us for 5 years.




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